Saturday, January 31, 2009

Modular Arts

We are installing a wall panel system at work as part of our office remodel. And I am really excited to finally use the product. Its from a company called Modular Arts, they have many different patterns and we chose to use the "dune" pattern which is shown in the picture below.

This picture shows it installed in a restaurant with some dramatic lighting. Our installation will be in our conference room, which will be used by employees and clients.

A way to get this same look in a home installation they have come out with the new product, by designer Jaime Salm for Mio

The product is called Paper Forms and there are 4 different stiles of these tiles and they come in a 12 pack of 12" squares. You can get different looks by changing the direction of the tiles when you install them on the wall.

Another great thing about this product is they are made from 100% post and pre-consumer waste paper.


knbarre7 said...

What's the going rate for installation of the modular art panels?

Kristin said...

Our superintendent installed the panels for us while at the job site, and it took him a couple of hours to hang with one other person. Each panel has a mortise and tenon on the edges so they fit very snug. Then you add a filler at the joints and sand it lightly before priming and painting. I guess the cost would depend on the size of the project, but its not a really hard product to install.


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