Saturday, April 18, 2009

To Peggy, for Baby Girl

I have several friends having children at the moment, so I have decided to post some ideas of inspiration. This post is specific to baby girl since my cousin Peggy needs some ideas for her nursery. As you can see her colors are pink and brown, but I also posted ideas with no particular color scheme.

Crib Sets and Bedding...

In searching for the perfect bedding I found that has several artisans who make crib sets. These sets can be customized to match your room colors or theme. Below I have given some options for bedding to be bought online or from local stores. DIY: crib bedding can be easily coordinated with sheets in the correct color, having a great looking quilt... and then sewing or purchasing a bumper and dust ruffle to match.
2... Land of Nod, In Bloom Crib Bedding, $220.00 (full set)
3... Walmart, Ticklicious, $99.78 (full set)
4..., Tadpoles Damask, $114.99 (full set)

To me a mobile can be just about anything and it should make the nursery look cheerful. I really like the idea of each product below since they're different.

Wall color and decor...

In the color scheme of pink and brown the wall color would be best as a lighter shade of pink . For wall decor a great idea is to add a decal to above the bed and changing station. As shown below there are many characters and colors you can get the decals in. I really enjoy the owls and birds. You can also decorate the walls by hand painting simple flowers in appropriate locations, or with the addition of a cute shelf to hold supplies.

2... Vinyl Fruit, Bird on a Tree Limb, $15.00
ByrdieKids, Flowers Dots Pendant Swag, $36.00
4... Byrdie Kids, Speckled Loli Tree w/ birds, $38.00
5... HouseHoldWords, 3 cute little birdies, $9.00
Vinyl Fruit, Owl Decals (Set of 3), $15.00

Artwork is used to add color and visual interest to the space. Below are some suggestions of artwork and personalized items. The PDF tree (#4) is a pattern you purhcase, and create the tree with paper/fabric. Giant wooden or chipboard letters (#5) can be found at the craft store, just add your paper or paint to decorate and a ribbon to hang them from. A custom birth-date poster is a modern way to display the baby's name. Another great addition is a wreath made with coordinating ribbon or fabric to match the bedding, then hang from door or below a shelf.

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