Thursday, May 14, 2009

Flower Arranging Skills and The Dog

I have been busy with many things lately, and one hobby I have started is making flower arrangements. They are still simple so far, but I have a fun time picking out flower varieties which work well together.

This is the arrangement I made for idi (interior designers of idaho) and our 17th annual Chair Affair, which was an amazing event! Our colors for the poster were orange and green, so I found flowers of those colors and used an empty tomato can to put the flowers in.

The picture above is an arrangement I made for my in-law's 40th wedding celebration, which consisted of white and yellow daisies which where their wedding flower in flower pots. Custom labels for the event were also done by Tammy at Indian Creek Winery... fabulous.

I also have fun taking pictures of my dog Gertrude (Gertie) the other morning, she likes to lay in the sun.


Jessica said...

Love the arrangements Kristin! You are one talented lady!

Charity said...

I wish I knew of this hobby of yours. I could have used it for the wedding. I hated our arrangements and was not happy with the florist at all! You are a talented gal!


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