Sunday, June 07, 2009

Mountain Brewer's Festival

We had a great time in Idaho Falls this weekend for the Mountain Brewers Festival. Wanted to share some pics from our trip. Also please take a peek at Treasured Valley, since we traveled together with them on our trip.

First stop was in Pocatello at Portneuf Valley Brewing, where I had one of their tasty pizzas along with some of their Krystal Weizen. They have great artwork for all of their beers and very catchy names.

See pictures above for our visit to Brownstone which is a Brew Pub along the river in Idaho Falls. Each person at the table had a sampler, I thought the Amber Bock and Nut Brown were okay. The interior was a great use of an older building, and a perfect space for a brewery.

Picture of a vintage sign on our way to eat at Snakebite on Friday night. Their food was pretty delicious, and it was our second time there. When we left the restaurant we had to run to the car through a huge rainstorm. As you can see in the picture above only 1.5 hours earlier the weather was perfect.

Beer Tent #1 (of 2), Huge tent full of thousands to people trying some great brews. My favorite new small brewery to win awards this weekend is Barley Brown's from Bakers City, Oregon. Also some great beers from Utah and Montana where in the list of brewers pouring. Check out this link for all the winners.

Images above show the storms which came and went all day. There were many mud puddles which formed, we avoided them while some people decided to mud-wrestle. But the rain nor the mud stopped us from having a great time!

In all it was a great trip. We got to spend time with friends, try new beers and food. I am excited to try it again next year!

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Charity said...

I wish I got to say good bye and hung out with you longer. I like the idea of meeting up in Sun Valley, lets do it!


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