Friday, June 26, 2009

New favorite blogs!

I have been searching to find some interesting blogs and I here is what I found...

{image via from me to you}

From me to you...NYC photographer Jamie, a photography blog showing her amazing work. I love her newest posts of Taddy Porter (Band) in the recording studio. The picture above is Jamie and the band's lead singer.

{image via obsessive consumption}

Obsessive Consumption... Kate Bingaman-Burt who lives in Portland, Oregon. She does some fun illustrations which she turns in to magazines. Was featured on Design for Mankind (another amazing blog) in their web-video about Workspaces. If you are in Portland you can check out her show next week (see poster).

{image of heather via dooce}

Dooce...Heather B. Armstrong is an former web-designer and mother in Salt Lake City, Utah. She has an amazingly fun way of telling the stories of her everyday life. She is famous in the blogging world, and has been published.

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