Sunday, July 12, 2009

Cole Gerst | Concert Posters

Concert posters are very interesting and unique to each show they represent, I plan to post about other artists of this nature in the future. Since I am an avid collector of concert posters.

Cole Gerst is based in Los Angeles, and has a design company Option-G. They produce concert posters, apparel, and illustrations, while he also has two comics in the LA Weekly, "La La land" and "The Good City Life." Check out his blog here.

Here are some of his great concert posters for some of my favorite bands. You can buy some of his posters here.


Julia said...

You may want to check out poster artists Strawberry Luna, Nate Duval, Furturtle, We Buy Our Kids, The Silent Giants, Mat Daly, and etc. aha

Kristin said...

Thanks Julia... they are all very talented as well!


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