Thursday, July 16, 2009

Josh Ritter | Tift Merrit

Josh Ritter's performance last night at the Egyptian Theatre in Boise with the Boise Symphony String Quartet was AMAZING! It was incredible how they incorporated the string section into many of the tunes. Josh performed a couple of new songs as well as performed a song with his new wife {and talented singer) Dawn Landes, called "Fox on the Run". Josh has been performing lately with orchestras around the country, such as the New York Pops.

I found this link below at the Record Exchange yesterday, to download 4 live songs 2 with a string quartet and 2 with the full band.
Copy and paste into browser, to download zip file:

The other great performer of the evening was Tift Merrit who sang her heart out. Check out her video for "Broken" below.

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