Friday, August 14, 2009

Cheap Finds

When its time to put together a gift or wrap a present, I like to find items for a good price. I would say any typical Variety Store (Dollar Store) is a great place to find those simple additions to add to presents. Below are some items found at local Variety Stores. I encourage you to look again while browsing... it might surprise you.

Top: Thank you Cards, Package of 3 different sized envelopes, Coupon Folder
Bottom: Metal Buckets, 7 Gypsies Oval Stamp, Dual Sided Wrapping Paper


Jessica said...

Great shopping Kristin! I never find such cute stuff at the dollar store! Maybe I will have to look more carefully next time!

Kell said...

Ok - So Really The Dollar Stores in Nampa SUCK! I Can Never Find The Stuff You Do.... When Can I Come to Boise and go with you???? Dollar Store Day?????

Kristin said...

Yes, we should have dollar store day. One dollar per store 5 stores... 5 bucks... ha! Find the best item you can find.

Kell said...

I'm So In!!!!!! ;-)


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