Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Halloween Costumes

What amazing costume ideas bloomacious has discovered through pictures on flickr. Below are some images they have recently posted, and a couple that I have found. These images demonstrate how simple it can be to come up with something great!

Also check out bloomacious for their other fun halloween posts!

Alice by Kanira (bloomacious post), and Snow White by Alicia J. Rose (bloomacious post)

Mad hatter by brittanyhildebrandt
Could be created by wearing a simple dress, maybe with dress coat over it. Add a top hat with a long ribbon.

Mary Poppins by misselisabeth
Could be created easily by wearing a long skirt, with a ruffled blouse and a blazer over. A vintage hat with flowers or ribbons. And accessories of a carpet bag, scarf or small bow tie, and don't forget the umbrella.

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carrie @ bloomacious said...

thanks for the post - love your Mad Hatter!


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