Thursday, October 08, 2009


Philippe Starck is one of the greatest product designers of our time. He has designed everything from furniture to interior spaces. His product work can be found at stores such as Alessi and Target. Part of his history of work is also featured at the Centre Pompidou Museum in Paris France. His bold sense of style is shown by the way he manupluates one form into something functional and beautiful. Starck has also recently started his role on the BBC tv Show, Design for Life. Talk about a rock star of the design world!

Below are some great examples of his work.

Top: Darkside, Baccarat 2005 | Collection Guns, Flos 2008 | Mademoiselle Valentino, Kartell 2007 | Juicy Salif, Alessi 2000...Bottom: Lou Lou Ghost, Kartell 2008 | Cicatrices de luxe 8, Flos 2000 | Miss K, Flos 2006 (both pictures)

1| XIV by Michael Mina (2009) 2| EastWest Studios (2009) 3| Baccarat Moscou (2009) 4| Ramses (2009) 5| St. Martins Lane Hotel (1999) 6| Le Lan (2007) 7|Yoo Munich (2007)

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