Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Purple is fab.

Purple is everywhere lately, and I love all the different shades they are using in products. Here are some images of products to inspire you.

1 | iittala Aalto Mauve/Purple Tray, 2| Purple Bijoux Swag Plug-In Style Pendant, 3| Naudia Chair, 4| SILHOUETTE fabric in AMETHYST, 5| Purple Multistrip Pillow, 6|Bubble Optic Tumblers - Purple, 7| Garden of Delights Trinket Dish, 8| Purple Cow Stamps, c.1967 by Andy Warhol, 9| Ruffles Pillow, 10| Midnight Martini Glasses Set of 6 - Amethyst, 11| Grasset Purple Red Handmade Rug

1 comment:

Cristin said...

Oh my - we are on the same wave length! I just posted about purple too.



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