Tuesday, October 13, 2009

...where the wild things are...

Since inspiration often comes from imagination, I wanted to post about products related to the release of the movie "Where The Wild Things Are".

Below are some the greatest art, clothing, figures, and housewares inspired by this theatrical release (October 16th), many of which come from Urban Outfitters. The movie also has a great soundtrack recorded by Karen O and the Kids.

also...Gallery Nucleus has a gallery titled Terrible Yellow Eyes featuring artwork inspired by the book.

1 | Geoff McFetridge Wild Things Hike Tee , 2| Where the Wild Things Are Claw Trees , 3| Hand Painted Watercolor And Ink, 4| Wild Journal , 5| Pillow: Wild Grass, 6| BIRTHDAY PARTY INVITES, 7| Carol Vinyl Collector Doll , 8| Allover Owls V-neck


craftedbylindy said...

So fun!

Yolksy said...

I love them all! I've been obsessing over the pillows at Urban Outfitters!


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