Monday, November 30, 2009

Digital Design

So many new products are designed with computers and then created by using various kinds of manufacturing processes. Its amazing how streamlined these products can be by how complicated they look. Below are some great examples of what digital design has helped create.

Laser Cut Butterflies by Joesph Lucien Warren. Beautiful wall eye-candy made of maps!!

Algue via Vitra was designed by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec in 2004 as a room divider. These plastic elements can be linked together. They are supplied in packs of 50 or in gift packs of six. An organic form is created by a creative idea in one peice.

Keith Peters created codes in ActionScript 3.0. which generates his artwork. The digital world becomes art...!

Arktura's Hive Bench, has a unique lace pattern laser etched into its surface. Love the way the bright orange draws your attention to its unique pattern.

The Flow Drip polished steel coffee table / side table by British designer Timothy Schreiber. Made with polished aluminum.


Tammy and Mike said...

Hey Kristin, can you get me that lace bench for Christmas? It's only $18.....errrr, $1,800..... :)

Kristin said...

Ha!... yeah... its pretty cool.


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