Thursday, December 17, 2009

DIY | Christmas Wreaths

So I was already done with my Christmas craft-presents when I decided to make a few Wreaths...I know, crazy!! I found a couple of great for a felt rosette and also a pom-pom wreath. They both had great instructions for making them, and they went fairly quickly. See pictures of the finished product below. And now I need to make myself one since they look so good on our fireplace wall!

My wreaths were also featured this week on Simply Grove's Ideas for Christmas, which has a great collection of decor from various readers.

2010 Update: you can purchase the felt rosette wreaths from my etsy shop, in different colors.


Kell said...

Too Cute Sis!!!!!

Cristin said...

I remember making a pom pom wreath when I was a kid! Great ideas.


craftedbylindy said...

These are awesome!

Love the new blog layout! Maybe you can tell me how to make the centre column wider! Everytime I try I loose my right hand column, haha!

I haven't forgotten about a badge either....still working on it! Thanks for your patience! : )

Happy Holidays!


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