Wednesday, January 20, 2010

It's all in the details...

I have decided to start posting some of my favorite design details. I'm not giving away ideas, just showing things that inspire me. Each details matters in the design scheme... because together they make the space.

Penny Rounds... I have not had the chance to use them yet in a space. But I love their playful/vintage look. They come in so many different colors and can really change the look of a space, by using them in a large section or as an accent.
via Domino Magazine

Exposed Ceilings...I love exposed ceilings whether they are concrete, wood, or metal. Its quite the statement to show your client just how beautiful the structure can be.
via Arch Inspire

Flooring Patterns... can mimic what is on the wall, floor, or can be used to break up a space or a long hallway. Floor patterns create a fun space that feels comfortable. I love this picture above because it shows the way that a pattern changes shape and direction by following the front of the desk.
Vagabond in Stockholm, by Carl Kleiner

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M.M.E. said...

Great inspirational pieces. I really like the color in the last photograph. You have a very nice blog and I wish you the best of luck in the giveaway.


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