Friday, June 18, 2010

Blog Favorites

I know that I haven't kept this up in awhile, but I wanted to share some blogs I enjoy reading lately. They are all from Australia and I love their take on design, fashion, and art. They are all so inspiring with their visuals and captivating content.

Mitchell & Dent (Leederville, Western Australia) | Are artists who have a blog for designers and crafters alike. They also create and sell amazing stationary and artwork. twitter / facebook

Future Shelter (Perth, Western Australia) | Is the husband / wife design team of LittleDesignHorse who are textile designers who create designs for their shop and for the masses. They utilize their blog as a way to reach out to others on what inspires them. twitter / facebook
Yellowtrace (Sydney, Australia) | Interior Designer Dana has an amazing sense of style. She loves historical and modern aspects of design. I like that she can write about meaningful accounts of every day work-life. And check out her amazing apartment here. twitter / facebook

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