Saturday, May 28, 2011

Saturday Songs | Yeasayer

Yeasayer, I "Heart them" and can't get enough!! They have such a uplifting, and retro quality to their music, perfect for a road trip! This video is from The Take-Away Shows by La Blogothèque of the songs 2080 and Tightrope, and was filmed one night in Paris. You can get these songs of the album, Odd Blood. They also played Conan this week, check out their new song here.


Anonymous said...

Lovely music taste!! I made some discoveries in your saturday songs, thank you! And, you might like (or not) this masterpiece (it is somehow..dashing :)) (Fyfe Dangerfield - "When You Walk in the Room" )

Kristin said...

Thanks for reading... and great recommendation of Fyfe Dangerfield!! I love new music discoveries!!


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