Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Five Home Favorites | Amy

This post of Five Home Favorites, comes from my friend Amy Pence-Brown who is a writer, artist / art historian, blogger, and mother of the cutest little girls! Amy lives here in Boise Idaho, in a cute 1950's ranch house. I love that Amy is super crafty and has a fabulous collection of antiques. I hope you enjoy her favorites!

A corner of my living room of my 1959 ranch house on the Boise Bench. I love the brown leather Marcel Breuer, Wassily Chairs gifted from my neighbor and how comfortable they are, despite how uncomfortable they look. It's a great space to drink a cup of coffee in the morning sun, read books to my daughters, or chat with a friend over a bottle of wine. I inherited the 1970s terrarium from my in-laws and filled it with a miniature desert landscape, including cacti and a tiny plastic deer that used to belong to my husband.

This nook in the corner of my girls' playroom is one of my favorite spots in the house. The room is only about 7'x10', but is filled to the brim with whimsical creativity, including these original designed vinyl birdies and twigs. I picked up the little retro school-desk Alice is sitting at for $3 at a church rummage sale in Minneapolis years ago, and recently scored the large needlepoint work at the Goodwill for $5.

One of my new favorite spaces on our 'homestead' is our backyard chicken coop. We are the proud owners of four baby hens (Midge, Cockadoo, Cori and Bubba) and love watching them roam the backyard, pecking at bugs and perching on the palms of our hands. The girls have taken great pride in our new pets, and we can't wait until they start laying eggs this fall!

I picked up these 'kitchen witches,' as a friend calls them, for 25cents a piece at the Deseret Industries a few months back. They are handmade from clay, hair, beads and safety pins and sit on the windowsill above my kitchen sink. Our 1950s kitchen faces the street, and looking out at my neighbors walking their dogs and my little witches guarding over our well-loved cooking space makes doing load after load of dirty dishes more fun (if that's possible).

Probably the most relaxing and used room in our home is the gigantic family room, a 1970s vaulted space with a retro rustic lodge-like feel. I collect Paint-By-Number paintings from the 1940s-70s, which are hung salon-style from floor to ceiling and number close to 100 now. Paint-By-Numbers hold a unique and interesting place in American art history, and I love laying on the couch admiring them in the evenings. The collection is quirky and intriguing and super popular with guests.

Thanks Amy!!!

I would love to hear about your homes... your favorite details to feature and inspire others. Please feel free to email me pictures and descriptions of what you love about your home, and write "Five Home Favorites" in the title.


Anonymous said...

Hey Amy, it's Isabel! (Melissa's daughter) So happy for you! Yay! You're on a blog!

Idaho Amy said...

How fun that you're reading the blog post! Great to hear from you and you know what? I also have my own blog called Doin' It All, Idaho Style. Click here http://www.idaho-style.blogspot.com to read more! xoxo Amy

Anna said...

OOOOKKKK. Love that paint-by-numbers wall. I am insanely jealous! Very cool.


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