Saturday, March 31, 2012

Saturday Songs | Sister Crayon & Treefort

Sister Crayon's - Terra Lopez performing at Treefort | Photo by Chona Kasinger via Paste Magazine.

Sister Crayon, was one of my favorite music discoveries from Treefort, they played the Linen Building on Friday afternoon.  After hearing their set on Radio Boise earlier that day, and I just had to go see them.  I love the way Terra's cheerful and exotic voice combines with the band's electronic sound.  The video below for I'm Still The Same Person, off the album Bellow, directed By A. P. Fischer.

Boise's inaugural Treefort Music Fest last weekend, was AMAZING!  Idaho has always struggled to get musical acts to stop here, but during this festival we witnessed something that could change our community forever!  A grassroots effort is what it took to get so many amazing musicians from all over the world and local favorites to play their heart out this past weekend.  I had so much fun walking from venue to venue, seeing old and new friends, and feeling like I was literally in a different city.  I really hope that Treefort continues growing each year, and I can't wait to be there again!

So Treefort folks, here is my wishlist for next year: Yeasayer, Dirty Projectors, Hooray for Earth, Yacht, Chairlift, Viva Voce, Battles, Geographer, Nurses, Youth Lagoon, Future Islands, Yppah, The Rapture, Cut Copy, and Local Natives.

To learn more about Treefort, follow them on facebook.  Also check out these fantastic videos created by Retroscope Media.


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