Thursday, January 01, 2009

Tammy and Mike | Flower Arrangements

Our friends Mike and Tammy (Indian Creek Winery) asked me to help them by doing their bouquets and boutonnières for their wedding.

It was a fun process, but since it was a first for me I did a lot of research on flowers and flower arranging. Their colors for the wedding were hot pink and navy blue, so I chose to use all hot pink flowers for the arrangements.

I had a few helpers; my sister, mom, and good friend. Which made it a fun adventure in trying something new.

I think it was fun to combine flowers that are not normally used together to show different textures. We added some sage brush that was dyed pink for the boutonnières and the bridal bouquets.

There is a really great magazine called "wedding flowers" that is British, which has a lot of ideas for beautiful modern arrangements.

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Tammy and Mike said...

You rocked those flowers! I love love loved them and would love to have you as our "recommended florist" if you want to persue it some more. I started a wedding blog for the winery , here is the link:


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