Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Blog Favs...

I wanted to post about some fabulous people with great taste, and I enjoy reading their blogs!

Freckled Nest; Leigh-Ann (or some call her LA) blogs about her passions including design, paper crafts, art and the little things that surround her and she also has the cutest little doggies. Also check out Style School a fantastic group she has with the talented Elsie of A Beautiful Mess.

Simplified Bee; Cristin who is a wife, mother and a organization guru writes about design inspiration and ways to make your home look good and in good order. She has an amazing eye for color and decor.

Scoutie Girl, is a site dedicated to handmade art and artists. It was founded by Jan of Daisy Janie, and is now hosted by Tara Gentile of Handmade in PA. This blog is worth visiting to keep up on all the talented people new and old in the crafting world.

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Natalie Catherine said...

oo these look great! thanks for sharing! i'm off to explore. love your blog by the way! came across it via secrets of domestic bliss


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