Monday, January 25, 2010

Giveaway | dear deVILLE

With Valentine's day being next month, I'm excited to do a giveaway of a set of 8 cards from the loveNOTES series of dear deVILLE . The winner will be able to select from styles shown below in one of the two color choices.

dear deVILLE features graphic designs by Stephanie de Villa of SADV | design. Her glamNOTES, sassyNOTES, simpleNOTES, and loveNOTES show how she blends fashion and humor to create cards for everyone. Stephanie will also be launching a new line, baby deVILLE in the coming months.

To enter, please visit dear deVILLE, and browse all of her card designs. When you leave a comment, please note which designs you like best, and also which of the loveNOTES you would like if you win. Please make sure to include your name and email address in the comment, and format your email as such: (at) gmail (dot) com.

This giveaway is open to residents in the US and Canada. If you re-blog or link via twitter the Inspired Designer | dear deVILLE giveaway, please leave an additional comment letting me know and you will get another chance to win. The deadline for entries is Friday, January 29th at 5:00pm, a winner will be posted on Monday, February 1st.

Thank you to Stephanie... and Good luck!


Sarie Lou said...

I love the sassy notes, especially that's what she said :) and the kiss this from the valentines it cute. You have my email :) fun giveaway!

k said...

I like her "this is serious..." card the best! My friends would love that one!

Also, I like the classic "happy valentines day" card the best!


k said...

I tweeted!

Also, I like the classic "happy valentines day" card the best!


M said...

I think I like the "glam notes" best but "sassy notes" are a close 2nd. I love the framed Happy Valentines Day. I love a good card.


Jill said...

I love the "that's what she said", "better love next time" and "forever the drama queen" notes. As far as the love notes go, I love the "I heart you" and "kiss this" notes. They're all great! Can't wait to see what baby notes are like (but not for least not at this time).



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