Tuesday, February 02, 2010

confused-direction & lars contzen | colourcourage

For the designers fair 2010 in Cologne, there was a collaboration between the design teams of confused-direction and lars contzen. Together using "colourcourage" a system created by lars contzen with planning and conception by confused-direction they created unique display of color, pattern, and form.

colourcourage® is a color system defined by the designer Lars Contzen, which contains design patent-protected color families, which are combined into harmonious color sounds. These were defined against the background color psychological regularities in combination with the current cultural understanding of color and are intended for the range of architecture and interior decoration....via colourcourage

Images are of the installations which include products and furniture from both companies including the "la melle" light by confused-direction.

images via confused-direction


Sam and Livi said...

love your blog. its nice to find a fellow boisean with a great blog!

Kristin said...

Thank you so much... I am glad the locals can enjoy it as well!


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