Monday, February 01, 2010

Mad Men Style

Lately I have been watching the series Mad Men on AMC, and I can't get enough. Partly because of the actors portrayal of their characters and how well they tell the story. I can also relate to the business side of gender roles, dealing with clients, and the collective brainstorming among creative minds. But what ultimately keeps me transfixed is the gorgeous set design by Amy Wells... and how it mimics a distinct mood and style of an era.

Don Draper's Office : Wood paneled wall system, mid-century styled upholstered seating with a danish-modern influence.

Open office area, Sterling Cooper: Desks typical of an office setting in that era and opaque windows in the wall system let in light to the work area. Nowadays you would not need all those light fixtures in the ceiling.

Draper Home, Kitchen: Very open kitchen with a great refrigerator, chrome edge banding on the counter tops, and the plaid patterned wallpaper.

Draper Home, Master Bedroom: Perfectly styled velvet headboard, Elaborate quilted bedding, and a phone in the bedroom to match.

Draper Home, Formal Living Room: The most decorated space in the home, including heavy draperies with ornate cornices, an embroidered slipper chair, and a great sectional sofa. Love that color of blue on the walls!!


M said...

Mad Men is one of my absolute favorite shows! I still need to watch the last season. And I could live with any of that furniture.

Cappello Design said...

I have to agree Mad Men is one of the BEST show that I have ever seen! great shots! I love everything about that show!I can not wait for it to come back


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