Thursday, August 26, 2010

Bathroom Remodel... Demo

Home ownership teaches you new things...

We noticed a month ago a possible leak in our bathroom under the toilet because of discoloration in the vinyl floor. We made the quick decision to call the plumber and have him remove the toilet to examine the damage. When checking the flooring layers we realized there was carpet over linoleum and hardwood on the plank subfloor as well as vinyl over linoleum and hardwood in the toilet area. Our options were to replace the vinyl flooring or go ahead and tile the entire bathroom.

Here is how our process started...

Toilet was removed, and the plumber noticed the hole for the flange was cut too large so water had been leaking under the flooring and to the subfloor.

This is an close up of the area, where the water had gone through to the wood floor and subfloor below. We realized then we had to tile the floor.

Removed the carpet (Finally!) and removed all the staples.

54 year old hardwood floor... which is throughout the house, it was not able to be re-finished The crowbar and hammer were our best friends!

Down to the plank subfloor, our contractor had to replace the floor between two beams. Luckily they were in a good location. And now we have no more damaged floor-boards!

Planked subfloor cleaned and ready.

The wood floor was installed under the cabinet, so instead of replacing the cabinet, we opted to have the subcontractor cut the hardwood flush with the cabinet face so they could install the tile up to that point and use a quarter round wood trim piece along the base to hide any gaps.

This process was a quick decision but I am glad for the outcome, and very grateful for the help of our subcontractors...stay tuned for more.

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