Saturday, September 04, 2010

Saturday Songs | Built to Spill

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend... Love this video of Built to Spill posted on Pitchfork last week of Hindsight, reminded me of this time last year when I saw them live for Hyde Park Street Fair which is coming up next week (September 17 - 19). I was next to some young girls who didn't know who BTS was, but recognized a band member as being their classmates dad... Wow, that makes me feel old. I remember when I was their age and they were the band I listened to the most. They are currently on an amazing tour, and have some awesome Boise bands opening for them. Hope you can check them out... timeless tunes and all!


handmade charlotte said...

LOVE BTS, especially keep it like a secret. haven't seen them in years–so jealous!

Kristin said...

That album is so great! They never seem to disappoint.


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