Monday, October 18, 2010

Bathroom Remodel... Final

Here are the final stages of our bathroom remodel, we are so glad to have it done!

The underlayment was put down to act as crack isolation and support for the tile. The contractor made sure to fix any squeaks we had in the sub-floor before they put anything down.

Here is the tile (13x13 size) in place with grout, I chose a grout color that matched the background color of the tiles. We had the contractor center the tiles in the door way so we didn't have a grout line in the main pathway.

Then the tile base was installed around the perimeter of the room. The contractor was careful to line up the grout joints in the floor with the grout joints in tile base.

Here is the finished product, so glad to have the new tile... its easy to clean and it looks nice. We also chose to paint our cabinet a chocolate brown color. Which we did by removing the doors and drawers painting them, and the bare cabinet frame and then we put them back together. I think the brown color compliments the wall color and adds a modern and updated look to the bathroom.

Now we just need to replace those metal blinds!!

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